Our Impact

Mom’s well-being comes first 

Our advocacy work in maternal health programs shapes a brighter, healthier future for families and communities

A commitment to community

Grow the good

Whether we launch a new GoldBug initiative or partner with existing organizations, we support causes through grants, volunteering our time and providing leadership expertise.

Amplify voices

We use our platforms and work with influential partners to share—and act on—initiatives close to our hearts.

Educate and advocate

GoldBug partners with organizations—from nonprofits to medical institutions—to provide better maternal health resources while championing social programs.

Going the distance with March of Dimes

GoldBug and Allyson Felix are proud sponsors of the March of Dimes It Starts With Mom program, leading the fight for the health of all moms and babies. Featuring campaigns, resources, and events, the program champions new and expecting parents to make healthy, informed decisions.

Learn more about upcoming events designed for any stage of your motherhood journey—from TTC and pregnancy to postpartum.

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