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Denver Health Doula Program

Mar 07, 2024

Denver Health has continued to expand the Denver Health Doula Program by offering doula stipends provided by GoldBug. 

The project

In 2023, Denver Health evaluated the program's impact in providing safer, more comfortable deliveries for moms with the support of doulas. The results were encouraging. Patients, families, providers, and staff overwhelmingly described the program as a useful addition to the delivery experience. 

The proportion of emergency cesarean sections decreased by almost half for those with a doula compared to those without. Moreover, "having a Doula present at delivery was significantly associated with "increased oxytocin use, and decreased APGARs and admissions to the NICU."

(Doula program update, 2023).

"It was an amazing experience. The physical techniques immediately took the pressure off on the contractions. Emotional coping and guidance were extremely helpful. Having a doula for support was a tremendous experience"(Doula Program update, 2023).

Wenolyn Gozansky
Chief Quality Officer, Kaiser

Crystal Rviera, Denver Health Foundations Executive Director notes:

"We are tremendously grateful for GoldBug's vision, funding commitment, and partnership on how to design and implement interventions that make a difference."


We are thrilled that the proven impact of doulas has influenced policy in our state. In 2024, the Colorado General Assembly will allow reimbursement of doula services to Medicaid patients – a significant and positive change to Medicaid benefits. 

With this funding in place, GoldBug and DHDP are looking at other ways to collaborate to impact positive change as it relates to this program. This year, we seek to identify existing gaps in services and support the Denver Health Doula Program in its efforts to train and increase its pool of doulas.