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Project Angel Heart

Mar 07, 2024

Project Angel Heart was founded in Denver in 1991, with a mission to provide food to those with HIV/AIDS. The organization is now a leader in the preparation and delivery of medically tailored meals to the severely ill. These efforts are managed by a talented staff that includes professional chefs, a registered dietician, and over 7,700 volunteers.

Together, we identified a need to support women in high-risk pregnancies. Project Angel Heart is engaging in community outreach to identify mothers in need, gaining referrals from their health care teams. We have provided a grant to establish a dedicated fund to support this population of expectant mothers.

The project

"The program provides patients with improved outcomes, less depression, and the opportunity to pay for other medications, utilities and medical bills" (Scafidi, 2023).

Wenolyn Gozansky
Chief Quality Officer, Kaiser

One mother who recently received the Project Angel Heart meals had this to say -

"I wanted to be able to cook healthy meals but being visually impaired and a pregnant mama on dialysis, that was really hard. When I found out I was going to get meals delivered to my door every week, it felt like a huge weight lifted off of me, especially when they told me I could also get meals for my daughter.'


We are excited to be able to extend our work into the community to really make a difference and connect with the many moms who use our products. 

With GoldBug's grant, Project Angel Heart expects to provide approximately 2,500 meals, along with nutritional education, to moms and their families. We hope to engage the GoldBug community in volunteer efforts in support of their mission.