GoldBug x Allyson Felix

We’ve teamed up with 7-time Olympic gold medalist and super mom Allyson Felix to create a collection designed for families on the move.

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Parenting power

"You've got this!"

Inspired by Allyson's active lifestyle, this collection is designed to help you tackle parenthood adventures like a champ. Safety meets quality with each product, embodying Allyson's resilient and nurturing spirit—a reminder that you've got this.

Proudly supporting March of Dimes

GoldBug and Allyson Felix are proud sponsors of the March of Dimes It Starts With Mom program, which leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies.

After Allyson experienced pregnancy complications she began using her platform to speak out about racial disparities in maternal health and has become a champion for improving maternal health outcomes.

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"From running through the airport with my daughter Camryn, to jetting off to competitions, I wanted to make traveling simpler for moms on the move. I think a lot of the products we designed together with GoldBug really solve that”

Allyson Felix

7-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Track & Field

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