AniMap Software 3.0.2

NOTICE: We are currently in development with AniMap 4.0. 

AniMap 4.0 is an interactive mapping and research program based on AniMap 3.0.2 and combining additional information with John Long’s work on Historical County Boundaries. Some additional new features include saving map markers, allowing them to be reloaded with every visit to use AniMap 4.0 in your historical or genealogical research. Research subjects have been added, allowing you to link map markers, research notes, Site Finder Markers and map circles with your research subjects. This feature reduces clutter and allows you to see only information related to the current research subject you are focused on.
Site Finder is being combined with information from the United States Geological Survey data. This combination brings the total number of locations to over 1.5 million. All within your reach from the Site Finder database. Another planned feature with Site Finder is the ability to add locations users confirmed to this growing dataset. Once a user submits the location, we will confirm the location and make it part of the Site Finder database.
We are currently seeking testers for AniMap 4.0. We have some great perks to offer those who volunteer to test the beta as states are being added. All a volunteer needs to do start using the AniMap 4.0 for a state they are doing genealogy research in and give feedback to bugs, issues and even feature tweaks to make them more usable and even future features you believe with make AniMap 4.0 better.
You can volunteer by contacting
Thank you supporting AniMap.


Just about every researcher deals with the problem of finding an old town that has long-since disappeared from the map. Or, you have a known location that is not now in the same county that it was 100 or 200 years ago. AniMap has solutions to these problems. This program will display over 2,300 maps to show the changing county boundaries for each of the 48 adjacent United States for every year since colonial times. The earliest map shows Virginia boundaries in 1617. Other states and territories begin with the earliest boundaries established. AniMap includes all years in which there were boundary changes, not just the census years. Maps may be viewed individually, or the program can set them in motion so you can view the boundary changes in a movie like mode. Maps showing the full U.S. are also included, showing all the changes in state and territorial boundaries from 1776 to the present.

Each map includes a listing of the changes from the previous map, making it simple to keep track of parent counties. There are four speed adjustments in the “run” mode and being able to advance by single frames or select a year and skip directly to it.


A unique “place marker” feature allows you to place up to 50 markers of varying designs and colors on a map, then change the year to observe the placement (the maps remain in the same position and scale on the screen). This is very convenient.

For marking the location of towns that were shifted from one county to another. You can now save sets of markers for future reference and a new feature which will let you add labels to your markers.


SiteFinder contains listings for over one million places in the United States, including over 120,000 variant names. Each listing gives the name of the place, the county where it is (or was) located, and includes latitude-longitude coordinates for 95% of them. With a few mouse clicks, you can pluck items from SiteFinder and plot them on the maps in AniMap … complete with labels.

Included in the listings are: cities & towns, locales (includes railroad stations, trading posts, farms & ranches, plantations, ruins, ghost towns …and more). Other categories which you can search for separately or in combination include courthouses, cemeteries, churches, schools, islands, townships and more.

Much of the information in SiteFinder has been extracted from the US Geological Survey files and records of the US Post Office. Over 50,000 of the locations are places that are no longer in existence or those that have had name changes. While it does not list every place that ever existed, we believe you will find it to be the best source available.

The SiteFinder browsing software will search for names (partial or complete), do wild card searches if you are unsure about the spelling or have unreadable letters in the name. You can also get a complete list of sites in any county. Another search feature in our browser lets you retrieve a list of locations within a specified number of miles (between 1 and 99) from your chosen location.


You can pluck items from the SiteFinder databases and plot them with just a few clicks of your mouse. The location will appear on your map along with a label them directly on the map with giving the name and it will remain in place when you switch the map to different years.


AniMap will quickly and easily measure the distance in miles between any two points you plot on your maps. To find the distance between points in different states, a map of the full United States is provided.


A display on the AniMap screen shows you that latitude and longitude coordinates of the cursor. Another feature will let you measure the mileage between any two points on the map. For those working with navigation data, you can also determine the bearing in degrees from one point to another.


Video Showing How to Export and Locate Images

All maps can be printed directly from the program, in black-and-white or color, or you may export them to a Bitmap (.bmp) file to use in word processing or desktop publishing programs. You can also use a paintbrush program to enhance the maps with additional text, colors, etc.


There are latitude-longitude overlays built into the program, as well as the ability to overlay the map for one year on any other. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

PC with Windows 98 or higher, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. AniMap will not run on MAC platforms.